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3 Ways Property Management Newsletters Build Results

As a savvy property manager, you already know the value of a strong marketing plan. Company growth and income depend upon adding new management accounts on a regular basis.

But, did you know that in the midst of your enthusiasm about acquiring new owner accounts, you might be missing out on hidden opportunities with existing clients? When you spend so much time concentrating on acquisition, it’s easy to forget about nurturing your existing relationships.

Property management newsletters are an excellent marketing option to nurture your clientele. They help you stay connected with current clients, increase your property management business, and educate your owners and tenants. They can help you increase referrals, encourage investors to grow their portfolios, earn and maintain your clients’ loyalty, and more.

Newsletters can maintain positive contact with tenants, educate them on important issues, send important announcements, and find out if they are thinking about purchasing a home. It always helps to know when a tenant may be considering a move. And, if a resident is preparing to buy, you can benefit by selling them a new home or receiving a referral fee.

Of course, property management newsletters are also an excellent way of adding new management accounts. Remember, you may not get every account immediately. A newsletter is the perfect tool to keep marketing your services after the initial contact with a prospective owner.

You may be thinking that anyone can create a company newsletter, and you would be right. Anyone can put words on paper, into an email, or on a web page. However, creating an effective newsletter marketing process is tougher than it may seem: design, format, frequency, CAN SPAM regulations, and. . . oh yea, article content. Many newsletter efforts fail because it is difficult to find the time and material to write the articles for each issue.

If you’re still not sure you want to hire someone to help you, at least let us give you some free advice.
These 9 tips will help you decide how to use newsletter marketing in your property management business and whether to create the newsletter yourself or get a little help.

9 Tips for Creating
Profitable Property Management Newsletters

Are you using newsletter marketing in your property management business? What do you like about it? What are your challenges?

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